Many of you have probably noticed that AviationExam has made a new database of questions available (EASA 2020). In the last few months I had pointed out several times during lessons that EASA had updated the syllabus and that we were about to make some significant changes in the area of theoretical training (including the assessment of social skills (KSA), the summary of the VCOM and ICOM subjects as well as the verification of mental arithmetic skills).

Unfortunately, there is currently no official statement from the Federal Aviation Office on the subject and the planned transition periods. I can therefore only say at this point how other European aviation authorities are dealing with the matter. Here is the official email from AustroControl, which we received a few minutes ago;

Austro Control hereby announces that from January 1st 2021, ECQB 2020 will be introduced for all pilot examinations (CPL; IR; ATPL).

This means that from January 1st 2021, candidates will no longer be able to book “exams according to the old curriculum” (ECQB 6 or 7) for their first attempt. For candidates who have already started the series, however, ECQB 6 or 7 will remain available until the end of January 2022 in parallel with ECQB 2020. Students who started their exams before January 1st 2021, can finish their exams until January 31st 2022 (as the last possible exam day) with the current ECQB version. Alternatively, you can switch to ECQB 2020 after January 1st 2021.

From 01.02.2022, all registered candidates must take their exams with the ECQB 2020. All candidates who have not taken the full set of exams by this deadline, must complete their exams according to the ECQB 2020 syllabus.

We would like to point out that a change to the ECQB 2020 is possible at any time after January 1st 2021, but once the candidates have switched to the ECQB 2020 and its curriculum, it is no longer possible to return to the old ECQB / curriculum. If you decide to move to ECQB 2020 after January 1st 2021, you should contact your ATO to ensure that you are properly prepared for the new curriculum. Please note that all repeat exams required by the old curriculum must be completed before you can take your first ECQB 2020 exam.

For more information about the ECQB and the transition to the new curriculum, see

I suspect that the exam can also be taken in Germany until 31.01.2022 according to the old syllabus, if you have started the 1st examination session at the Federal Aviation Office in 2020. Since the new question database is completely unknown, we urgently recommend completing the exam using the old system and planning a corresponding exam this year. We strongly believe that training won’t get any easier in the near future. To go back to AviationExam; please stay with the old question database if you have already taken an exam or intend to do so in 2020.

But again, we have no official confirmation from the LBA and therefore the above statement is only a recommendation and is not binding.

We are happy to be personally available at any time to discuss the possible training and examination options.