Solutions for flight schools

We can provide you with comprehensive support in many areas and ensure that you can concentrate on your core competencies.

WBT Solutions

Our WBT system can be completely adapted to your needs and your CI. You can monitor the learning progress of your students in detail, create your own courses or use pre-produced content. In principle, we can provide you with content for ATPL, CPL, PPL, IR and CB-IR / EIR for the aircraft and helicopter categories. Our learning materials are used around the world and have helped thousands of students pass their exams on the first try.

Specialist Books

We would be happy to supply you with our high-quality specialist books. These cover the current learning objectives in full, are produced in color and convey complicated facts using easy-to-understand illustrations.

Outsourcing of theoretical training

You are also welcome to outsource the theoretical training of your flight students to us. This can be of financial advantage, especially with smaller numbers of students. We train the students by means of distance learning and also carry out the necessary on-site lessons. We are responsible for the theoretical training and the associated duties. After completing the theoretical training, the student carries out his practical training with you.



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